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At Lang Atholl Experience we create luxury tours of Scotland. Below are some examples of proposed tours we have to offer. Lang Atholl sample itineraries are based around different themes from history to whisky or from golf to scenery we have Scotland covered.

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Once in a lifetime tours of Scotland

One of four countries in the United Kingdom, Scotland differs from a lot from the other three. Throughout the world Scotland is known for its rugged landscape and it is considered as one of the most scenic countries in the world.

From the majestic Glencoe to the famed Loch Ness Scotland is not short of world famous natural beauty. Experience the mountainous Cairngorms or take a trip to the Isle of Skye to witness some of the most alien of landscapes.

Scotland has an abundance of history. From the seemingly impossible task of gaining its independence from Britain in the 13th century to the Jacobite uprising to place a Roman Catholic on the throne once more. In Stirling a monument constructed for the famed rebel leader, William Wallace stands in his remembrance with his sword on display. The tales of the Jacobites with novels and tv dramatisations based around them, most notably Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, the site to visit here would be the Battle of Culloden. Here on the 16th of April 1746 the rebellion met its gruesome end, with 1100 Jacobites slaughtered in a battle which lasted less than one hour.

Scotland is of course known for its whisky. Scotland has 6 main whisky regions such as Highlands, Lowlands, Campbeltown, Speyside, Island and Islay. Each region creates a whisky unique in taste. Varying from the smoky and pleated whiskies of Islay to the delicate, rich and light produce generally associated with Speyside. Take a whisky pilgrimage through Scotland to find your perfect malt.

There is no better place to play golf than the country who gave birth to it. You won’t know where to begin your experience with 550 fantastic golf courses to play on. Top five courses in Scotland include St. Andrews, Muirfield, Royal Dornoch, Turnberry and Carnoustie. Golf in Scotland Fails to disappoint as you are able to enjoy it even in evening due to them being lighted.

Known as the Home of Golf, Scotland has 550 golf courses from traditional 9-hole municipal links to Open Championship venues regarded as some of the finest courses in the world. Walk in the footsteps of the finest players in history in St Andrews or face true Scottish links in Troon. Lang Atholl will guide through the hidden gems to the five open venues regarded as a must.