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    Gin Tasting In Scotland

    The national spirit of Scotland may be whisky and it is one which we have spread throughout the world to be enjoyed by all. Therefor, gin may be a spirit you may not associate with Scotland. The British Isles are the largest exporter of Gin in the world and 70% of that Gin is produced within Scotland.

    The Gin industry in Scotland has boomed in recent years with the botanical spirit becoming a favourite of many visitors and natives alike. With whisky taking a famously long time to mature the handcrafted gin industry is the go to for developing whisky distilleries throughout the nation.

    Originally dating back to the 1500’s this juniper based spirit was used to calm the nerves of soldiers before battle. This spirit then took many forms through the years until the 1600’s where Dutch scientist Franciscus Sylvius is credited with the creation of the gin which we know today. Prince William of Orange then brought the juniper spirit with him to the throne of Britain and thus began the Gin Craze.

    The spirit went through its trials and tribulations from this point onwards from being perceived as a poor mans drink to the rise of taxes making it a drink of the wealthy. By the 1960s the variations of gin had become very complex with the spirit being predominant in the United States cocktail scene before the rise of Vodka as a product.

    After the likes of Bombay Safire and Hendricks Gins reintroducing the perception of gin as an exciting and diverse product the modern day spirit market is constantly witnessing the growth of gin. Now Scotland serves as the capital for exciting, modern, craft gins and gin bars. From Rock Rose in the upmost highlands to Eden Mill in St Andrews come and experience the newly reconstructed gin revolution with Lang Atholl.