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    For a more adrenaline packed itinerary why not consider incorporating a range of watersport activities into your Scottish experience? Scotland has over 10,000 km of coastline, 31,460 lochs and 11 Major rivers. Whether your preference would be to surf the wild Atlantic swells, raft down the rapids of the River Tay or peacefully sea kayaking between the west coast isles from Bute to Gigha. There are a range of heart pumping choice of adventures in Scotland.
    Windsurfing – With Scotland’s windy coastal regions windsurfing is a great activity for all the family. A sport which can be participated by people of all ages it makes a fantastic family activity.
    Kayaking – Scotland’s rugged coastline is best viewed from the ocean and what better way to see it than from the seat of your own personal kayak. With a leisurely kayaking tour of the Scottish coasts you will truly find an experience that you will never forget.
    Water Skiing – Scotland’s less than tranquil waters do make a fantastic location for more adventurous water sports such as water skiing. Why not take a half day our of your trip to learn a new skill or perhaps pursue your current hobby in an unforgettable new location.
    Watersports in Scotland are perfect for people of all age groups and experience levels. Lang Atholl can source the best guides and instructors in the country to participate in these activities amongst the finest waterways and scenery in the country. A perfect experience for trying something less conventional, for the adventurous and for families.